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Home Remedies Are Increasing Rapidly in Popularity Due To Their Simplicity & Effectiveness.

For generations we have been fed subtle messages that the best ‘cure’ for your medical condition is obtained when you sit down in your doctors consulting room.Secret Home Remedies

Blindly following the path of prescription medication can have some serious side effects. As we are about to reveal… the side effects of medications often do not become evident for years.

We also reveal simple home remedies which have nil side effects

Nature Has A Wonderful Way of Providing A Cure For Many Medical Conditions.

Our ancestors discovered home remedies for almost everything, and more times than not they were very successful. During the last 100 years man has discovered ways to provide the public with convenience, but sometimes at the expense of our long term health – it is quick and easy to pick up a packet of medication from the drug store and start popping pills…

Pharmaceutical companies fell over themselves looking for new drugs which provided a convenient solution to common everyday symptoms; they realized it was extremely profitable… extremely profitable.

Big Pharma were very clever – right from the start they realized that if they produced drugs which stopped the symptoms without eliminating the cause of the problem, the public would continue to purchase medications month after month after month. They virtually had a captive market which is extremely profitable.

Home remedies largely were ignored because the power of advertising worked. Big Pharma promoted their drugs to doctors and later to the general public, while at the same time as they quietly discredited home remedies. Soon home remedies were considered the domain of the ‘alternates’ as big Pharma churned out more and more drugs.

We are not totally anti prescription medication because they definitely have there place, but people are now returning to the tried and true home remedies as they realize that blindly following the path of prescription medication can have serious consequences.

Lots of home remedies use garlic and parsley

There seems to be an ingrained belief that taking a pill for a common ailment like high blood pressure is an easier and better solution than eating a hand full of almonds every day and performing a little exercise, but as so often is the case – the easier solution is not necessarily the best solution.

Perhaps it takes a little more self discipline to follow a home remedy, but for those reading this who have studied successful people, they will realize self discipline is a common trait amongst successful people.

So instead of blindly following the ‘herd’ which are influenced by mass advertising – there are an increasing amount of people who are looking for home remedies and studying alternatives to prescription drugs.

Home remedies are no longer the domain of the ‘alternates’ but rather it is everyday thoughtful concerned people who want to experience what their ancestors knew all along – home remedies simply work.

Medications versus Home Remedies

Acid reflux medications are an example of medications which can have serious side effects… Typically a person who suffers acid reflux or heartburn goes to their doctor who prescribes one of the popular Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI’s) medications. PPI’s block the stomach from producing stomach acid, and if the stomach is not producing stomach acid then it eliminates the burning sensation you feel in the middle of your chest. You let out a huge sigh of relief because you no longer suffer heartburn.

But… what is only coming to light now (after some people have been taking these types of medications for years) these medications do not allow the body to properly absorb calcium (you need stomach acid to break down your food to allow the body to absorb minerals and nutrients) and over a period of time, bones become brittle due to a lack of calcium, leading to an increased risk of fractures.

Until recently very few people linked their broken hip to years of taking acid reflux medication. And who could blame them for not linking the two – whoever would think that taking acid reflux medication, prescribed by their doctor, would cause them to have brittle bones. (Click Here to read more about the dangers of acid reflux medications and discover a natural alternative)

These are not wild accusations being shouted from the top of our tree house! The FDA issued a press release on 25 May 2010 warning of the increased risk of fractures from taking large doses of acid reflux medications or taking them long term. Click Here to read the FDA Press Release

Another example is Urinary Tract Infections – increased use of antibiotics has led to the very real possibility of a ‘superbug’ becoming resistant to all antibiotics. E.Coli, which cause the majority of UTI’s, have become very highly resistant to antibiotics due to humans consuming beef that has been grain fed and a much stronger strain of E.Coli breeds in cattle.

There is Good News…

A natural simple sugar has been discovered which E.Coli love – so if this simple sugar is taken – it very quickly ends up in the urinary tract and attracts the E.Coli – making it easy to flush them out of the body, eliminating the UTI quickly and naturally – just another example of home remedies acting in unison with nature.

As mentioned the astute realize the need to return to natural alternatives like home remedies. So often with prescription medications there is a ‘pay off’ – the symptom is eliminated but the medication causes another, usually lesser problem, nonetheless you always seem to rob Peter to pay Paul when it comes to prescription medications.

Way, way back a person had very little option, it was a home remedy or nothing… doctors were scarce and knowledge was limited, but in the last 100 years, like almost everything else, man has made tremendous advances with increasing medical research and knowledge.

A lot of the advances have been very good and have improved the quality and life expectancy of the population. It is pretty hard to argue against things like anaesthetic because they have made surgery much more ‘comfortable’ compared to the old days when you were given enough alcohol to make you pass out so an operation could be performed by doctors, who worked by trial and error.

X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, sophisticated surgery – there have been countless excellent medical advances in the last 100 years, but one wonders if in the next 100 years we may discover we were too clever, and some of the drugs which are so heavily prescribed in this day and age have some enduring side effects.

The Advantages of Using Home Remedies Are:

  • Use natural foods.
  • Side effects… What Side Effects!
  • Very little risk of an allergic reaction. People generally find out early in life if they are allergic to a natural food which may constitute part of a home remedy.
  • Eliminate risk. Taking drugs can often be a lottery – is there going to be a reaction to the drug, what will the long term side effects be?

In the USA more than 750,000 people die each year after taking prescribed medication including in excess of 106,000 people per year from the side effects of prescription medications.
Home remedies include cherries

How many die from overdosing on garlic (they may kill off some friendships!) or coconut oil or apple cider vinegar… I think you get my point.

Lets have the best of both worlds – combine modern medicine with home remedies to get a win/win situation. I would encourage you to take a look at some of the best home remedies we have discovered.

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