Home Remedies Save You Money

Home Remedies Save You Money…

With so many people looking to save money it’s no wonder Home Remedies are making a huge comeback. Before modern medicine there was basically nothing else but home remedies, or a visit to the ‘medicine man’.
Home Remedies Include Honey

We now understand a lot more about the human body and how it operates. We also have discovered many healing compounds in foods and plants, which allow us to match them up to a common medical problem. Natural compounds have an advantage over synthetically produced medications as the body readily accepts natural ingredients whereas a synthetically produced medication usually has side effects.

Why do home remedies save you money?

Home Remedies do not use specialized medical treatment or equipment which we all know is usually very expensive. If you require specialized treatment it can cost you $1000′s

Home remedies use common inexpensive foods or herbs. Most people will usually have some of the ingredients in their cupboard or refrigerator, but if you don’t, it still will not cost a fortune to obtain the ingredients.

How much money will you save not having to trundle off to the doctor every couple of months to have the doctor renew your prescripton and relieve you of some of your hard earned cash. Leave the doctor and head off to the drug store for them and big Pharma to relieve you of some more hard earned.

Home Remedies Can Save You A Huge Sack Of Cash

And if you have the misfortune to suffer something like a kidney stone then a kidney stone home remedy is a tiny fraction of the cost of expensive medical procedures. In America a kidney stone can cost $7 – $10 thousand to have surgically removed – compared with $20 – $40 for a kidney stone home remedy.

For the sake of $20 – $40 it would pay to try the home remedy even if you were very sceptical, and for those of us who know the home remedy works it would seem crazy not to use it.

Kidney stones can be passed in less than 24 hours which is another distinct advantage for home remedies. How long and how much will it cost to have a kidney stone removed in the overloaded medical system?

Another example – who would associate an increased risk of bone fractures to taking acid reflux medications for any longer than 12 months. New research has proved a link between long term acid reflux medication use and bone fractures. So many people have been popping acid reflux medications for years without realizing they are increasing the risk of a broken hip in later life.

Aren’t Home Remedies Complicated

Home remedies are not difficult to use. Normally there are 3 or 4 ingredients which have to be taken in a set routine. The important thing is to follow the remedy and not give up 1/2 way through. Don’t make the mistake of stopping the home remedy as soon as you start to feel better, keep going until the completion of the remedy.

Home remedies work but it depends a lot on the individual situation. Some swear that chicken soup is the best remedy for the common cold while others swear that Echinacea is the only remedy. Other people swear by garlic as a home remedy for just about everything yet there are those who cannot stand the thought of garlic when they are sick. It may take a little experimenting to find the best foods and herbs for your body.

Are they Home Remedies or Ole Wives Tales.

You need to determine that a remedy is really a remedy and not just an ‘ole wives tale’. The really successful remedies will detail why the remedy works and not just because grandma told mum it worked. The truly effective home remedies usually consist of a number of ingredients to provide an overall cure

It goes without saying that you should display caution if you are allergic to some foods. It would be foolish to follow a home remedy if it consists of one or more ingredients that you are allergic to. From past experience we usually know if we are allergic to any foodstuffs and with most home remedies they are using a combination of really common foods so the chances of you taking a food you are not familiar with is minimal. It is amazing what some people are allergic to. We have had a lady advise us she is allergic to garlic and another is allergic to vinegar.
Home Remedies Apples Vinegar

Being allergic to a common food doesn’t mean home remedies are not for you. There is usually more than one home remedy for most common medical conditions.

Home remedies are very effective but if you have a very serious medical condition you should seek advice from your medical professional prior to using a home remedy. Medical practitioners are beginning to see the value of home remedies and some are happy to include them as part of their treatment. It is wise to seek their advice prior to using a home remedy as your primary defence against a serious medical condition.

In summary there have been some amazing results achieved with home remedies and this will only get better as we continue to discover or rediscover natural products and their healing qualities.

The pleasing thing for all those who have experienced success is that almost always a home remedy will save a person money because they are not handing over money every month for prescription medications, but more than that, they end up feel great again and do not experience the nasty side effects that are associated with so many prescription medications.

Home Remedies – Save Your Money, Save Your Health

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